bookmarks pages are a classic. i personally love them. here's a collection of cool links i've found while online.

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linux & tech

  • arch wiki, library of alexandria for arch and arch-based distro users + useful for many other cases
  • portable apps, all using AppImage. easy to use, can be brought anywhere that uses a linux distribution
  • open source alternatives for popular products that don't always have support for linux


  • photopea, as powerful as photoshop and available for free in-browser. i use it all the time it's so good
  • dither me this is one of these sites i almost want to gatekeep. allows you to carefully change settings for dithering any image - including colors, method, and more! it even has presets for ~aesthetics~
  • irasutoya is the site with all these cute cliparts they mostly use in japan
  • same energy is a "visual search engine" - input an image and find more with the "same energy"
  • reference angle helps with drawing busts at different angles

html & css

  • foollovers is well known for a good reason. really good materials and templates to use
  • w3schools is also linked everywhere because it's awesome. linked here is the howto page with a lot of tricks and snippets of code you can use for your website
  • magicpattern has great css-only backgrounds in this link! also has other features, but most of them require signing in
  • cssportal also generates cool patterns, and has loads of other tools that can help you with your site
  • teppy's layouts are a nice source of inspiration
  • neo-himeism is up since 2004 with web resources... some of them are outdated but it's still very cool
  • hover.css has free to use css hover effects for buttons and whatnot

game specific


  • noclip.website
  • wishbookweb has xmas catalogs from quite a few years back, great for writing reference
  • colnect,a catalog for collections that also features a marketplace
  • paxtongate has bones, taxidermies, specimens etc. for sale
  • new goth city, an unfortunately USA only goth travel guide
  • JUST TO GET A REP is a documentary on the origins of hip-hop and graffiti featuring lots of exclusive interviews
  • signature for life is a blog about classical music that's frequently updated!
  • ultimate mushroom, guide for identifying and foraging mushrooms! also has a section for slime molds :D
  • sakugabooru, booru just for scenes from anime
  • ... and their sister blog with so much insight into the anime industry
  • i get my artbooks from this tag on e-hentai. many are SFW, especially if you go look for something specific, and there's no images unless you hover, but viewer discretion advised anyway
  • peelopaalu, another humongous link directory
  • 2ch-aa, fun source of kaomoji and ascii art
  • DAN-BALL is still up and the day i found out was one of so much joy. very charming browser games
  • safety sign generator... is what it says on the tin
  • the asenheim project features a lot of classic vns that can be played inbrowser
  • the html review is "an annual journal of literature made to exist on the web", with awesome art installations
  • myfigurecollection is a database of merch for anime, manga, and videogames, along with a marketplace! ... dangerous for wallets.