this is my home on the web! Raum is a german word meaning a room, an area, a space, and it's also often the moniker i use online. this site is born out of my childhood dreams of making a pokémon fansite and inspiration from all the cool personal pages you can find out there nowadays.

take a look around. i hope you enjoy your stay! be sure to have javascript enabled for the intended experience.

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  • add 'fun' section
  • work on originals page (+ subpages)
  • figure out theme switcher
  • work out collections
  • focus on real life too...

add my button, maybe?


i think the ad gallery is pretty fun, while i don't have more "interactive" sections yet...

15 JUL2024 minor updates... hoping to get started on bigger things when im back from a trip

21 JUN 2024 revamped main page and about, updated sidebar, added new buttons, and database of hsr curios for own reference. also has a new 404 page.

09 JUN 2024 updated bookmarks - new button and new links!

07 JUN 24 added commonplace

26 MAY 24 added no man's sky log

24 MAY 24 fixed blog! now using a tool by april.

12 MAY 24 updated page titles. added minitutorial on how i made the site at friends' request, new ads, and a fledgling of a blog down at logs!

07 MAY 24 finished bookmarks & about, added views counter & last updated scripts, added placeholder pages. will be traveling for 3 days so i'm posting it now

06 MAY 24 main page is mostly finished! also began collating fake ads from friends.