what is UP everybody i was busy in a summer program but i managed to finish the adrift expedition nonetheless! through a fair amount of separate game sessions, enough for me to confuse most of the events.

i started a whole new game file, which meant a randomized avatar.

it's a default gek.... but with a rainbow trail! happy pride month!

i gotta say, the first part of getting out of the planet was scary. turns out life support does, actually, drain faster in low atmosphere planets, and all the time i felt like i needed to somehow find more oxygen. but again, low atmosphere planet, it means there's no plants to do that other than the generic red ones which were not too easy to find always.

alas, i did it! i left the planet without a hitch!

as my first expedition, i didn't know much of what to expect. the sheer time it took to finish phase 1 was a whole evening, which made me scared at first - i didn't know if i'd make it in time and get the rewards before it ended.

i say this because phase 2 was the most time consuming. i'd never actually successfully stolen whispering eggs before, but one of the missions was to do so 16 times. for context, they trigger "biological horrors", bizarre bloodthirsty bug beasts, coming after your ass. i'd grab one, kill some horrors or run. then repeat the same process over and over, because only at the end i figured out i could just steal 2 at a time.

but surely i'd find something helpful at the space anomaly, right?

oh my fucking god theyre fucking dead.

not only that, but i also had to figure out the mind ark once i got there... which meant another quest of fetching things. in the meantime i thought "fuck this" and started working towards other missions, which proved to be easier. like scanning animals and killing hazardous flora. these two i already do mindlessly, so they were over pretty fast, despite being from later phases.

but yeah. eventually i finished it. some of the missions i sort of gave up because i knew eventually i'd manage something. like the "reaching a 1,600u tall mountain" one. i ended up completing them while searching for a place to land on a rendezvous point. hell to traverse, all of them!

some of the missions were nicer to complete, though.

a lot of the missions, too, were pretty fulfilling despite being time consuming, like exploring derelict freighters, or encountering a sunken freighter. it marked the first time i did either of these, and the first time i got into an exocraft for real!

absolutely loved raiding a derelict freighter. really fun atmosphere.

i also had to grind my way up to an indium drive JUST to finish the find three synthetic lifeforms quest, also - they only spawn in blue star systems with a 10% rate. AND the first planet i found only had two of them, so it took a lot of time to find a second one to finish. i think if you tally it up this is the one quest that took me the longest...

at any rate, though - adrift was fun! when i was done with it, it even felt strange to interact with NPCs... i was doing great all alone. forcibly being a loner was enjoyable. i might turn it into my new main save file, because i got two really cool ships in the process.

can't wait for the next one!