after what, four weeks? without playing i booted no man's sky back up, while chatting to friends playing other games in voice chat. i was still in the middle of the tutorial, and this is my first playthrough, so i thought keeping somewhat of a log would be fuuuun. a traveler's log. an interloper's log - that's what players seem to be called.

after i'd left my first planet, which i don't recall super well other than it being absurdly hot, i ended up at one with an insanely toxic atmosphere. i had been the first one to step in it, but during my absence someone else found it - and founded a base called "hongos toxicos". toxic fungi. yeah, we have plenty of them here.

in-game screenshot, inside of a ship during sunset. external toxicity is registered at 58.4 tox.
these many ships scared me at first

and well, i had to salvage more data. i kept hopping on my ship and taking off to random directions to see if i found more buried tech modules, which i later found out is not a great idea because that thing uses up resources. whew.

in these wanderings, i found my first piece of illegal technology inside a weird abandoned building! WOOHOO

in-game screenshot. highlighted: outlawed plasma igniter.
not pictured: me booking it because i blew up some eggs from weird stuff and audibly panicking

and some time later, a communications station. i managed to luck out and localize a distress signal... and found a broken ship! i promptly claimed it as my own and fixed what i could. by then, i had acquired enough salvaged data to continue the tutorial - so i returned to my little starter base.

which meant -- finally time for getting into a space station baby

in-game screenshot. player character inside a space station, still with default clothing

in here we got ominous messages that break the fourth wall, although i skipped over them by accident... oh well! i mostly came here to clean up and fix my current spaceship. and that i did do. mostly. it's a work in progress.

in-game screenshot. inventory of a spaceship, still full of broken components that must be fixed to free up space
it's not much, but it's mine!

i also finally got to customize my player character!!!! and we'll end it at that because i didn't do much more for now. looking forward to continue, and hopefully i'll grab more screenshots...

in-game screenshot. the writer's game character, an astronaut with a hivelike visor, all in white and gold.
swag city, to the stars and beyond.