to start off, two things:

  1. my friend informed me that we're actually called Travellers. Interloper is exclusive to a race. i think i was first greeted by them, so that's why i made the mistake.
  2. THERE'S A NEW EXPEDITION? i'm gonna get on it once i'm marginally less lost!

so we go. last we left off i'd just gotten into my first space station. eventually, i had to return to continue the story...

the anomaly...
ingame screenshot; crashed freighter
that machine was something i found on this freighter. according to my friend, these are the big ships that frightened me earlier.

it turns out, inside a crashed freighter, you can get uranium! you can also get radiation poisoning. yikes. had some close calls. in the meantime, though, as i explored, i also got some amazing views.

ingame screenshot, a cave illuminated by bioluminescent fungi
the first caves i found...
ingame screenshot, night sky with meteors
and the first meteor shower i noticed. i came to see many of them later, but i was surprised seeing these for the first time.

and i finally managed to fix my hyperdrive, about one hour later! so we left the system. goodbye!

the next place i went to was a small system, of only two planets. i did not dwell on it for very long... only to do my missions. it was, though, a beautiful place.

ingame screenshot, reddish planet

it was also so damn hard to traverse, which is why i left soon. seriously, i had been tunneling for a while so that i could properly traverse all these mountains. i had it really good on my first planets, after all.

again with the anomaly.

the real highlight of the system? the asteroid belts! so much silver! so much gold! and... my first encounter with space pirates. i found out, fighting these guys is actually pretty fun! i'm gonna be out for blood now. i also learned a bunch of korvax words, an abandoned ship with an ominous message and another mission, and...

hold on, yet another message transmission. probably more pirates?


ingame screenshot, ominous black satellite in the middle of space

i'm doing all of this blind, so seeing this... thing... pop up out of a sudden was quite a shock. i entered it and realized... holy shit. there's other players in here.

ingame screenshot, character sitting at the multiplayer hub
the anomaly is not at all scary! it's beautiful. i loved this place.

and i guess it meant the end of the main tutorial, because now i had three paths to follow. i was tempted to follow the ATLAS path, but my friend commented it's not as fun if you don't understand what they say, so... off i went to start Artemis'. to be honest, i'm kind of suspicious. i'm now finishing triangulating their position, but first, i wanted to explore the planet a bit more. i had gone to another system, because i saw there was water... and immediately got hit with a little popup saying this planet was my record in the Least Hospitable front.

ingame screenshot, player at a launchpad of a minor settlement
at least it's nice looking, and has these minor settlements.

i really am very hooked now, so i'll probably update this very very soon.