remember how i said something along the lines of space combat in this game being fun?

uh. not long after that, i learned how sentinels work. it turns out they just... keep coming until you escape. i learned this after grabbing a gravitino ball for the jokes. i'm thankful that my friend told me to stock up on sodium a while ago... just in that fight i watched my milestone of destroyed ships climb up from 5 to over 25. YEAH.

can you imagine my FEAR when i had to enter another planet for the artemis path and i was told sentinels were "inescapable" and would "attack on sight" right after that incident? i did not stay there for very long, only to find a holo terminus...

two of them almost side by side... this feels very rare.

fun generation. the planet had lots of sac venom and gravitino balls which i did not touch, again.

so i left and went to check the space station on the system for the next mission and look, a guy that's definitely not gek, vy'keen or korvax. what's their deal? i should talk to---


(my friend who got me into the game is laughing a lot at all my reactions. fuck you, val. /affectionate)

after this small detour, it was back into the main story! i raided a factory and had my first death. i got a new multitool as well - it's a rifle, and the default name was Memories of Peace, which is half the reason i got it tbh. badass name. i mentioned to val that i kind of hope apollo dies and they laughed when i said i immediately got jumped by sentinels after that (which i did for no apparent reason). they (apollo) are not being very friendly right now.

started a new base in a planet in the same system, as it had fun stuff! and also a lot of apex predators. hired an overseer who knows something, and also a scientist.

hey man

i found an evil cow as well.

i giggled. thats a cow.

my peace did not last long. it was PORTAL TIME BABY. and we finally met ATLAS!

i'm gonna be honest. the short mention of how desperate it is, before this? nay i shan't say more

AND THEN I GOT SENT TO BUTTFUCK NOWHERE!!!!!!!!! funnily enough, the hot temperatures and the overall look of the planet i suddenly found myself in are a looot like the first planet i landed on. for a second i thought i was there again, but apparently this planet i was in was discovered today. by me. my first one had been discovered by someone else.

to finish things off: i got a pet. her name is ridiva and she is my best friend forever she is adorable. i love her lots.